I became a member of the ACTION HYBRIDE collective at its creation during its first exhibition ANGST in March 2018 in Paris which then gathered eleven international artists. The events organised are built around the topic of the body and human condition.



Following the Paris Art Model social movement in 2008, I established the Art Model resource center in 2009 and create the Art Model Coordination, a professional association managed as a collegiate structure with a collective Executive Board. This association works towards 4 directions : Network, Resources, Health and the Profession Nomenclature.



I organise events in the 19th arrondissement of Paris between 2003 and 2009, first of all at the UDAC gallery then at “Belleville De-bas-en-haut” Biennial, for which I manage the artistic direction twice, an event that mixed performative forms and installations in Belleville’s streets and places.
MU-ARTS (productions, editions, events) will soon resume its activities by opening a new space.